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Buy Arducam camera modules from Scorpion Vision for extensive product knowledge and quality customer support. Arducam products are tailored for embedded systems, usually including microprocessors such as Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, and Arduino (Arduino products are not microprocessors but microcontrollers). Arducam's cameras are compact, low-power, and high-performance, making them ideal for various computer vision and robotics applications. These cameras come with various features, such as high-resolution sensors and programmable interfaces that enable developers to integrate them seamlessly into their projects.

Group 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Arducam Accessories

See our full range of embedded camera accessories to better develop your embedded systems. MIPI Cables, Adaptors, Lens Holders and more.

Group 11 Embedded Vision Accessories

What is Arducam?

Arducam is a leading provider of embedded vision solutions, serving over 2,000 commercial clients since 2012. They are renowned for their expertise in designing and producing camera modules and accessories tailored for diverse development platforms, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson. The brand's name, "Arducam," cleverly merges the terms "Arduino" and "Camera," effectively illustrating its commitment to delivering top-notch camera solutions specifically catered to Arduino-based projects.

What products does Arducam manufacture?

Evaluation Kits

Embedded Camera Modules


  • M12 Mount Lenses
  • C Mount Lenses
  • CS Mount Lenses
  • Microscope Lenses

None of the lenses are available in the shop. However, as the UK distributor for Arducam, we can order them if required. Speak to us via live chat or on our contact page to find out more.

Embedded Camera Accessories

These accessories include ribbon flex cables (ribbon cables), multi-camera adaptor boards, interface adapter boards, cases (enclosures), cable extension kits and M12-mount lens holder kits.

Edge AI (OAK Cameras)

Arducam has a partnership with Luxonis (OAK Cameras) by uniting their experts in the field to develop better modules tailored for robotic and depth vision.

Camera Modules for DepthAI OAK (OAK-FFC)

  • Global Shutter Camera Modules
  • High-resolution Camera Modules
  • Autofocus Camera Modules
  • Wide-angle Camera Modules

They are not available in the shop at the moment. However, if you require one of these, you can speak to us via live chat or on our contact page to find out more.

OAK-FFC is a versatile and formidable prototyping
platform that enables you to connect any FFC camera modules. Additionally, it has built-in computer vision and neural network inferencing functionalities. Depending on the variant of the OAK-FFC will depend on the amount of FFC cameras that can be connected at once, from 1 to 6 cameras.