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M12 Mount Lens Holder Kit For Camera Boards


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Kit Consists of eight M12 lens mounts with the following specifications

  1. Height 16.5mm, outer width 24.2mm, hole spacing 20mm
  2. Height 14.5mm, outer width 23.5mm, hole spacing 20mm 
  3. Height 13mm, outer width, hole spacing 20mm
  4. Height 10mm, outer width 23.8mm, hole spacing 20mm
  5. Height 7mm, outer width 16mm, hole spacing 20mm
  6. Height 12mm, outer width 21.8mm, hole spacing 18mm
  7. Height 8.5mm, outer width 22mm, hole spacing 18mm
  8. Height 6mm, outer width 22mm, hole spacing 18mm

Mounts 1 and 2 are metal. The others are manufactured from plastic.

The box also contains 8 sets of screws for securing to the PCB.

Note: The M12 lens mount can also be called S-Mount.