Collection: Cube Eye

Powerful, cost-effective and compact time-of-flight 3D depth cameras from Cube Eye (meerecompany) can be utilised in industries such as Logistics, healthcare, robotics, security, automotive, and many more. There are various scenarios in these sectors in which the ToF cameras can be employed in such as action recognition, collision avoidance, face recognition, volume measurement, object detection, and people detection.

These cameras use ToF technology to accurately capture 3D images in both indoor and outdoor environments, utilising the NIR range (940nm/850nm).

Who are Cube Eye?

Cube Eye is a brand of time-of-flight (ToF) cameras and is the sensor division of meerecompany. This leading South Korean company specialises in developing and producing high-tech equipment for the display, semiconductor, solar cell, and medical industries. meerecompany was established in 1984, and its first ToF 3D depth camera was developed in 2014.