Camera Support

Post Sales Camera Support

Thank you for your purchase. We aim to make setting up your camera as easy as possible. Before connecting the camera to your system, please download the relevant drivers and supporting software.

Infinitegra Thermal Cameras

You will find all required software on the downloads page


Hikrobot Machine Vision Cameras

There is one download for these industrial cameras. Please click here to reach the download page.

Note: There are two elements in this download, the camera drivers which include both GigEVision and USB3 drivers, and MVS which is HIK's machine vision camera configuration and testing application.

For further details on the MVS application, further information will be posted here in due course


The Imaging Source

There are multiple downloads for these machine vision cameras:

Drivers and applications for Windows

Drivers and applications for Linux

Carefully select your driver from the list and install it. You will be prompted to connect your camera.

Once the driver is installed, if you are running Windows, the next application you require is IC Capture

This application is required to configure and validate camera functionality and is a recommended install.



All drivers are downloadable from GitHub

You can find more details for how to use the camera on Raspberry Pi here and on this site.



Any questions or issues? Please call +441590679333 and we will do our best to support you.

If you are asked to run the QuickSupport app, please click here.