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Arducam 8MP Fisheye Lens Drop-in Camera for Raspberry Pi V2 & Jetson Nano Camera

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Camera Specs
Sensor Sony IMX219
Sensor Size
1/4" (4.6 mm diagonal)
8MP 3280 × 2464
Video 1080p47, 1640 × 1232p41 and 640 × 480p206
Video (L4T 32.x & L4T 35.x) 3280x2464 21fps, 3280x1848 28fps, 1920x1080 30fps, 1640x1232 30fps, 1280x720 60 fps
Field of View (FOV)
IR Sensitivity Integral IR filter, visible light only
Lens Type M12 Lens
Focus Type Manual Focus
Pixel Size 1.12μm
Focal Length
F.NO F2.1
Dimension 25 × 24mm
Supported Platforms Raspberry Pi 3/4/5/CM3/CM4 & Jetson Nano/Xavier NX/Orin Nano/Orin NX


  • Easy to use: simply remove the existing IMX219 module and then attach this replacement module in its place.
  • Wider Angle of View: The 220°(H) wide-angle fish eye M12 lens offers a significantly broader field of view.

This Arducam IMX219 fisheye lens camera module is primarily designed for the Raspberry Pi V2 camera board. It serves as a replacement for the standard IMX219 camera module, offering a significantly wider field of view. This versatile module can be utilised in various applications such as drones, robots, action cameras, and 3D scanning.

The lens is glued on. If you require this not to be the case or want to change the lens, please contact us (only for bulk purchases).

Kernel Camera Driver
To ensure compatibility, it is important to refer to the Supported JetPack Version for Different NVIDIA Jetson Platforms, as this camera is dependent on kernel drivers. Specifically, it requires one kernel version and one camera driver to function properly.

This camera is exclusively tailored for the official NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Kit by default, thereby lacking compatibility with third-party carrier boards.

Important Note

  • The Raspberry Pi V2 camera board is needed to work with this camera module
  • Only compatible with systems (RPi) after Buster, e.g. Bullseye and Bookworm
  • There is no FPC Cable included in the package
  • This camera is specifically designed for the official NVIDIA® Jetson™ Developer Kit and does not guarantee compatibility with other third-party boards.
  • The lens on this camera is not interchangeable. If you need to replace the lens, please contact us.

Supported Platform and OS

Raspberry Pi 3/4/5
Raspberry Pi CM3/CM4


Sensor Datasheet for IMX219

Package Contents

  • 1 × Arducam 8MP Wide Angle Drop-in Camera Module

Example Applications

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Building Drones and other Battery-powered products
  • Mobile Medical Imaging
  • Home Security System
  • Machine Vision, Robot Vision, Automation