Collection: HIKROBOT

Scorpion Vision is an official HIKROBOT distributor. HIKROBOT camera products are bundled with well designed software drivers and SDKs (Software Development Kits) which are easy to use and robust, with inbuilt GeniCam capability. This means that all HIKROBOT camera products can be 'dropped into' existing industrial vision applications software that utilises the GeniCam protocols.

We sell HIKROBOT C-Mount Lenses, Machine Vision Cameras, Frame Grabbers/Interfaces and more.

Group 11 Frequently Asked Questions


Scorpion Vision Ltd is a distributor of HIKROBOT products. HIKROBOT is a global product and solution provider specialising in machine vision and mobile robots. They manufacture a variety of products ranging from general industrial machine vision cameras to all-encompassing smart cameras and readers.

What products does HIKROBOT manufacture?

Machine Vision Cameras

These cameras could be Board Level Cameras, Standard Industrial Cameras or High-End Industrial Cameras (large sensor size for high resolution and high sensitivity).

Machine Vision Lenses

These lenses come under the FA series lenses and are for vision application characteristics and have the design concept of high performance and low cost.

Machine Vision Cables

These cables have been industrialised so that they are robust enough with longevity for the environment they're placed in, specifically industrial locations. The difference between generic data/power cables compared to machine vision cables that have been industrialised is the fact that they may have locking screws to secure the cable in place, and the general quality of the cable will be more rugged.

Vision Boxes

An assortment of robust, solid state and fanless industrial PCs for industrial applications. They range from low to high spec computers with a large amount of I/O's to suit your requirements. A specific selection of vision boxes even includes GPIO and PoE capabilities.


  • GigE PoE Adaptors
  • Low and Full Profile GigE Adaptors
  • CoaXPress Frame Grabber
  • GigE Frame Grabber
  • Camera Link Frame Grabber

If your computer is lacking in specific I/O's to connect your machine vision cameras, then the correct adaptor will be what you are looking for. Or maybe you need to interface the camera to your computer for high-quality image acquisition? If that is the case, then you should be looking for a frame grabber.


MVS (Machine Vision Software) is a comprehensive software package that includes a variety of tools and utilities such as the client, IP configurator, firmware updater, log viewer, NIC configurator, driver installation tool, system information tool, bandwidth manager, dead pixel correction tool, frame grabber port customization tool, SDK, and Demos. It provides a user-friendly interface for configuring and controlling machine vision cameras, as well as developing custom applications using the SDK and Demos.