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Machine Vision cameras play a critical role in machine vision and industrial automation. These cameras are used in a variety of applications including quality control, manufacturing, and inspection.

If you are looking for lenses to use with your industrial vision cameras to suit all your requirements, you can view our large range of M12 LensesC-Mount Lenses and F-Mount Lenses.

Machine Vision Accessories

We sell a variety of products to pair with your machine vision cameras, these products are:

Machine Vision Lenses that have been specifically chosen to suit a diverse amount of applications, as well as, different lens mounts to suit your choice of camera. The brands we sell are HIKROBOT, Azure, Computar and our own brand, Scorpion Vision. These mounts types are M12, C-Mount, F-Mount and more.

Machine Vision Lights are available in a wide range of types, sizes and LED colours. Our collection of lighting and their mounts we sell are manufactured by MBJ Imaging. What separates these machine vision lights in comparison to general camera lighting is that they are designed for use with machine vision systems, meaning they are carefully chosen to optimise the performance of algorithms used for automated analysis, also they are made to be more rugged and durable than your general lighting. These range of lights include: Back lights, Top lights, Ring lights, Bar lights, Wide Bar lights, Area lights, Horizontal Ring lights, Coaxial lights, Dome lights and High Power lights.

Machine Vision Cables come in different lengths and interface types to suit the I/O's of your camera. The types of cables we sell are USB cables, Trigger cables, GigE cables, CoaXPress cables and Camera Link cables. These are of higher quality in build than the generic cables, as they are developed for industrial use and can include jackcables to keep it secure.

Optical Accessories consist of Filters and Lens Accessories. The filters we sell are developed by MidOpt. We have specifically chosen a portion of their range that would be most suitable for certain situations. If you are looking for filters that we currently don't have listed, you can contact us to find out more. The lens accessories we provide allow lenses and lens mounts to be adapted to alter their properties to suit your need.

Vision Box's are robust, solid state and fanless industrial PCs to be used with industrial applications. If you are looking for a PC that is optimised for the industrial environments and may need GPIO and PoE capability, this is all you would need, and it's all prepared for you without requiring extra work or components.

Interfaces are our collection of frame grabbers, adapters and serializers/deserializers. Our interfaces we sell are manufactured by The Imaging Source and HIKROBOT. If your computer has no more inputs for your camera interfaces, the use of our interfaces can remove that issue.

Choose the right camera for your application

The world of machine vision is always developing and improving, sometimes it is hard to keep up with what is the most suitable for your application. At Scorpion Vision we pride ourselves as experts in the machine vision industry, so if you are unsure of what is most suitable for you, make sure to give us a call, or feel free to contact us via our contact page or live chat.

If you know what you are looking for you can use our relevant pages to narrow down the exact product:

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Machine Vision Systems

Aside from our shop, we are a provider of machine vision factory automation systems. If you are looking to reduce the risk and improve productivity, our Scorpion Vision software paired with our specialist machine vision engineers could be what you are looking for.

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