Collection: The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source is a leading manufacturer specialising in industrial cameras, embedded cameras, lenses, frame grabbers and video converters. Their products are used in industries such as production automation, quality assurance, logistics, medicine, science, security and more.

Group 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Imaging Source?

Scorpion Vision Ltd is a distributor of The Imaging Source. The Imaging Source is a renowned German company that focuses on the development and production of industrial imaging products. They have gained recognition for their extensive range of cameras, frame grabbers, and imaging software, which cater to diverse applications such as machine vision, industrial automation, medical imaging, and more.

Scorpion Vision's partnership with The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source (TIS) and SVL have a working relationship going back over a decade. In that time, SVL has been both a successful reseller and an integrator of TIS products. Our experience with TIS has always been very positive, with excellent product support, fast service and, of course, excellent product quality - both in terms of hardware and supporting software. SVL can wholeheartedly recommend TIS camera products for high performance imaging applications.

What products does The Imaging Source manufacture?

Industrial Machine Vision Cameras

These cameras could be Board Level Cameras, Standard Industrial Cameras or High-End Industrial Cameras (large sensor size for high resolution and high sensitivity).

Industrial Embedded Vision Cameras

You can choose from a board-level embedded camera or an IP67-rated camera (FPD-Link III only) .

Industrial Accessories



IC Capture - Image Acquisition

The Imaging Source manufactures a software application that allows users to capture and display single images, image sequences, and image data streams from all WDM video sources, such as cameras and converters.