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Arducam 16MP Autofocus Synchronised Quad-Camera Kit for RPi and Jetson

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Key Features

Camera Specs
Sensor Sony IMX519
Format 1/2.53" (7.103mm diagonal)
Resolution 16MP 4656×3496
Pixel Size 1.22µm
Frame Rates (Rasberry Pi)
4656×3496@9fps, 3840×2160@18fps, 2328×1748@30fps, 1920×1080@60fps, 1280×720@80fps
Frame Rates (NVIDIA Jetson) L4t 32.x: 4656x3496@5fps, 3840x2160@10.5fps, 1920x1080@30fps, 1280x720@60fps
L4t 35.x: 4656x3496@4.5fps, 3840x2160@8.5fps, 1920x1080@30fps, 1280x720@60fps
IR Sensitivity Integral IR-cut filter, Visible Light Only
Field of View (H) 80°
Focus Type Autofocus
Focal Length
Focus Distance 10cm ~ infinite
Output/CSI-2 Speed x1 CSI-2 2-lane Output Port/1.0 Gbps/Lane
Output Format RAW10
ISP Support

Not supported on NVIDIA Jetson
Supported on Raspberry Pi

Camera Board Dimensions 24mm × 25mm
Camarray Hat Size
65mm × 56mm
Shutter Type Rolling shutter
Supported Platforms Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, AGX Orin, Orin Nano and Orin NX


  • Multi-Cameras: Capable of interfacing 4 cameras on 1 Raspberry Pi or NVIDIA Jetson
  • Synced Capture: Up to four cameras with synchronised captured footage
  • Highly Compatible: can use libcamera efficiently and works well with most Pi models
  • Up-to-date: Supports the latest Raspberry Pi Bullseye OS and libcamera applications (Jan 28th, 2022 and later)

The Arducam quadrascopic camera bundle comprises four 16MP IMX519 autofocus cameras, along with the revolutionary MIPI stereo camera breakthrough known as the Arducam Camarray HAT.

The Camarray is an enhanced version of the Arducam Synched Stereo Camera HAT that takes multi-camera capabilities to the next level. With the ability to interface 4 synchronised MIPI camera modules to a single MIPI CSI-2 slot, it offers double the interfacing capabilities. This makes it an ideal choice for single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, and Jetson Xavier NX.

Important Notes

  1. With the four-channel camera, the 2×2 synthesis method is employed. Cameras 0 and 1 operate in complete synchronisation, as do cameras 2 and 3. The images from cameras 2/3, however, are one frame behind those from cameras 0/1.
  2. The synthesised image's resolution remains unaltered, however, the frame rate is reduced by half. This Kit integrates four cameras into a single frame, with each camera having a resolution of 2328(H)x1748(V).
  3. Even if a camera fails, the composite image will still be output, and the portion of the image corresponding to the malfunctioning camera will be rendered black.
  4. ISP and Official Commands are supported.
  5. The HAT is required to supply a clock for the four-channel customised camera model, which is directly connected to the Raspberry Pi and cannot be removed.
  6. The development of the driver for the kit is primarily centred around the official boards of Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jeston. However, it cannot be assured that third-party boards will be compatible due to the varying allocation of hardware resources.
  7. For those utilising the latest Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye (Jan 28th, 2022 and onwards) and libcamera apps, this camera kit offers full compatibility. However, if you are still using the previous Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy), then you will need to get in contact with us.

Package Contents

  • 4 × IMX519 Camera Module
  • 1 × UC-512 Camarray Hat
  • 5 × 30cm 15-22pin Camera Cable
  • 1 × 30cm 22-22pin Camera Cable
  • 1 × 7cm 15-22pin Camera Cable
  • 1 × Pack of Screws


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