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Scorpion Vision

Scorpion Box Camera


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If you're purchasing an industrial area scan camera, lenses and a separate light source that you are going to integrate yourself, take a look at this product first.

We use this camera, designed by Tordivel, for any application that requires a standard colour or monochrome image, from a fully integrated camera system in a small footprint.

Selecting the right lens and light source, and then putting them together in a third-party enclosure can be troublesome and time-consuming. Let us do this for you with the Scorpion Box camera. 

Key Features

  • Integrated infrared or white light LED
  • Hirose connector for external trigger and IO control
  • Synchronised strobe control
  • GigeVision connectivity
  • A range of fixed focal lengths and sensor variants are available
  • Global shutter sensor
  • Other variants available on request
  • Compatible with any GigE Vision compliant software