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Scorpion Vision

M12 Lens 12mm F1.8



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Key Features

  • Focal Length: 12mm
  • F Number: F1.8
  • Iris: Non-adjustable
  • Mount: M12
  • Format: 1/2.5"
  • Filter Size: n/a
  • Megapixel: 5MP
  • Horizontal Field of View: 27.4 Degrees
  • Distortion: <-4%
  • Back Focus: 8.3mm
  • Minimum Working Distance - 0.1m
  • Wavelength: 400nm-900nm

Sample Images

Sensor: 1/2.8 inch Sony CMOS sensor IMX236LQJ

In the images below, the screw measures 26mm in length and 12mm in diameter at the screw head.

Minimum object distance: 65mm

Object distance: 87mmdfk-afux236-m12-svl-ir1218b5m-87mm.jpg

Object distance: 335mmdfk-afux236-m12-svl-ir1218b5m-335mm.jpg

Object distance: 546mmdfk-afux236-m12-svl-ir1218b5m-546mm.jpg