Collection: 3D Cameras

3D Cameras come in many forms. As experts in this field, we are pleased to be able to offer innovative solutions for simple depth sensing to full 3D robot vision. Not all our 3D cameras are listed here, so contact us if you'd like to know more about 3D vision and how it might benefit your application or solve a problem.

What are 3D cameras?

They are cameras that utilise stereo vision to create a three-dimensional image. Two cameras capture slightly different views of the same scene which simulates the binocular vision of human eyes. The information that it receives from both cameras is then combined to allow us to see the depth of an image.

If you would like to see a brief example of this in use, you can watch our video on the OAK-D stereo camera.

What are some usages of a 3D camera?

  • Virtual and augmented reality: 3D cameras are used to create VR and AR experiences. It enables the users to interact with virtual objects and their surrounding environment.
  • 3D Scanning: This allows the camera to create accurate 3D models of real-world objects and environments. A few examples of useful fields could be, Architecture, engineering and product design, where precise measurements and representations are necessary.
  • Robotics: With the use of 3D vision, robots are now able to navigate and interact with their surroundings accurately. This allows robots to have depth perception which enables them to avoid obstacles and pick/interact with objects that may come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Security and surveillance: This creates opportunities for security and surveillance systems to better detect and track people as well as objects. This could be used in face detection and object recognition.

What are some case studies for 3D cameras in machine vision?

Choose the right 3D camera for your application

It can be hard deciding on what camera is most suitable for your application, so why waste your time trying to figure it out? With decades of experience in machine vision including 3D vision, you can trust us to pick the right camera for your project.

Are you looking for an out of the box 3D camera for one the following solutions?

Depalletising and Palletising
Bin Picking
Assembly, Locating and Gluing
Inline Measurement

However, if you require a more bespoke system, you can enquire here.