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A recently released model that combines a wide field of view camera with an OAK-1 PoE body (with IP67 rating) to enable a new set of applications. OAK-1 W PoE is a 12MP AI camera with on-device computer vision and neural network inferencing capabilities. This is the PoE ruggedised version of the OAK-1. It has an IP67-rated enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments. It contains an RJ45 ethernet connector used for both power and communication.

The PoE connection enables the cameras to communicate with other computers using networking protocols such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT etc. With the device flash memory on our PoE models, you can also run your programs in standalone mode. Furthermore, our OAK PoE cameras are housed in a rugged, IP-rated enclosure that is required for industrial and outdoor use.

This version of the OAK-1 Series is unique in comparison to its original design due to its wide FOV that enables you to capture a larger area in a singular shot, which is specifically useful for:

  • Multi-camera setup to cut down on the number of cameras required to cover the area fully
  • AMRs to obtain more features for localisation and 3D mapping, as well as to cover a bigger area
  • Object tracking/counting, for example, counting people over a large vicinity or tracking vehicles

Key Features:

  • 16GB internal storage (eMMC)
  • Rugged IP67-rated enclosure
  • Either 120° or 150° DFOV depending on variant chosen
  • RJ45 for both power delivery and communication
  • 4 TOPS of processing power (1.4 TOPS for AI - RVC2 NN Performance)
  • Run any AI model, even custom-architectured/built ones (models need to be converted)
  • Encoding: H.264, H.265, MJPEG - 4K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS
  • Computer vision: warp (undistortion), resize, crop via ImageManip node, edge detection, feature tracking. You can also run custom CV functions
  • Object tracking: 2D tracking with ObjectTracker node
  • Dimensions: 82 x 114 x 32mm
  • Weight: 294g
Sensor IMX378 OV9782
120° / 95° / 70° 150° / 127° / 79.5°
Resolution 12MP (4056x3040)
1MP (1280x800)
AF: 60cm - ∞ FF: 19.6cm - ∞
Max Framerate
60 FPS 60 FPS