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Arducam 5MP Autofocus Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

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Camera Specs
Sensor Omnivision OV5647 Sensor
Sensor Size
5MP 2592×1944
Video 1080p 30 fps, 720p 60fps, 480p 90fps
Field of View (FOV)
54°×44°(Horizontal × Vertical)
IR Sensitivity Integral IR filter, visible light only
Lens Type Stock Lens
Focus Distance 80mm to ∞ (infinity)
Focus Type Motorised Focus (autofocus)
Pixel Size 1.4μm
Full-frame SLR lens equivalent 35mm
Peaking Current 300mA
Dimension 25 × 24mm
Supported Platforms Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+, 3, 2, B+, B, A, Zero and more


  • Adjustable Distance: control the focal length with the software-controlled moveable lens
  • Motorised Focus: fine-tune the focus with its autofocus capability and the autofocus Python scripts powered by OpenCV
  • Manual Calibration: control the precise manual focus with the 'UP' and 'DOWN' arrow keys
  • Highly compatible: utilising the 5MP OV5647 sensor enables a vast range of supporting OS like Raspbian, OctoPi, MotionEye, Kali, Ubuntu and more

Arducam recognises the significance of focus and has introduced a motorized focus camera for Raspberry Pi. Unlike the official camera modules with fixed-focus lenses that are either glued or require manual adjustment, this Arducam camera module allows you to have control over the focus through software. With this camera, you can zoom in closer and capture the exact perspective you desire.

Octoprint Octopi Webcam edition

Important Note
Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Compute Module need 15-pin to 22-pin FPC cable to work.


OV5647 Sensor Datasheet
Instructions Manual for B0176

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Package Contents

  • 1 × Arducam 5MP OV5647 camera board with motorised lens for Raspberry Pi
  • 1 × Acrylic case for the camera module
  • 1 × 15cm flex ribbon cable for Raspberry Pi Model A&B series (Pi Zero cable not included)

Example Applications

  • Home Surveillance, Security
  • Drones and other Battery-powered products
  • Usable in MCU, Raspberry Pi, ARM, DSP, FPGA platforms
  • Machine Vision, Robot Vision, Automation