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Arducam 12MP Mini HQ Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

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Camera Specs
Sensor Sony IMX477 Sensor
Sensor Size
12.3MP 4056 × 3040
Video 2028 × 1080@50fps, 2028 × 1520@40fps and 1332 × 990@120fps
Field of View (FOV)
88°(D) × 75°(H)
Focus Type Manual Focus
Focal Length
IR Sensitivity Integral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Lens Type
M12 Lens
F.NO F2.8
Dimension 25 × 24mm


  • Interchangeable Lens: View our range of M12 lenses to choose from (it is essential that you contact us to confirm compatibility)
  • IR Sensitivity: Integral IR-CUT filter to keep only the visible light
  • Seamless Integration: Native to Raspberry Pi and doesn't require any additional drivers (Debian version: 11 'bullseye')
  • Easy to Use: Just enable the overlay to make it work

The perfect upgrade from the 8MP IMX219 (Raspberry Pi Camera V2), it's ideal if you require a more miniature-size camera for your project. The Arducam 12MP camera module for Raspberry Pi boasts a camera board size and mounting holes identical to those of the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2, making it a seamless replacement for your 8MP IMX219 without requiring any significant hardware modifications.

This camera proves advantageous for space- and weight-constrained applications, including drones, as it maintains image performance and control commands identical to the official Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera. Moreover, it presents a significantly reduced size and weight, along with the added benefit of interchangeable M12 lenses.

Are you looking for a Nvidia Jetson version? See B0251

Important Notes

  • This camera module supports the latest Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye (Jan 28th, 2022 and later) and libcamera apps. For the previous Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) users, contact us at


IMX477 Sensor Datasheet

Package Contents

1 × Arducam 12.3MP Mini Colour Camera Module with 3.9mm focal length M12 mount lens
1 × 150mm/5.9inch 15pin to 22pin FPC cable
1 × 150mm/5.9inch 22pin to 22pin FPC cable

Example Applications

  • UAVs/Drones/FPV Cameras
  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • Face Recognition
  • Defect Detection, etc