8MP Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

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Camera Specs
Sensor Sony IMX219 Sensor
Sensor Size
1/4” (IMX219)
8MP 3280×2464
Video 1080p@47fps, 1640 × 1232@41fps and 640 × 480@206fps
Field of View (FOV)
Focus Type Manual Focus
Focal Length
F.NO F2.2
Lens Type
M12 Lens
Peak Current
Dimension 36mm × 36mm


  • Interchangeable M12 Lens: see our range of M12 lenses you can choose from
  • IR Sensitivity: contains an Integral IR filter for visible light only
  • Intrinsic (native) to Raspberry Pi: no additional drivers are required
  • Easy to use: supports the latest Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye (Jan 28th, 2022 and later) and libcamera apps

This camera module is an alternative to the Raspberry Pi official camera. It is enhanced with supplementary features to cater to various lens mounts, field of view (FOV), depth of field (DOF), and the inclusion of a motorised IR cut filter for a seamless transition between daylight and night vision.

Looking for a version with a CS lens? See the B0102.