Arducam 5MP NoIR CS-Mount Camera Module for Raspberry Pi [DISCONTINUED]

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If you require a NoIR camera module with the same sensor, see the B0035 (this is the M12 version)

*NOTE* All Arducam products (that aren't discontinued) are available, even if not listed on our website. Please contact us if you would like to purchase one of these products.


Camera Specs
Sensor Omnivision OV5647 sensor
Sensor Size
1/4” (OV5647)
5MP 2592×1944
Video 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps, 480p 90fps
Field of View (FOV)
54°(H), 41°(V)
IR Sensitivity Without IR-cut filter
Lens Holder CS/C-Mount
Lens Type CS-Mount
Focus Type Manual Focus
Shutter Type
Focal Length
Pixel Size 1.4μm
Dimension 36mm x 36mm
Supported Platforms Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+ and 3


The Pi NoIR serves as a Raspberry Pi camera module that lacks an Infrared filter, enabling it to capture images during nighttime and in low light conditions using Infrared light. This camera module proves beneficial for various purposes such as wildlife research/photography, nighttime security, and low light photography.

This camera has been used for many different scenarios such as a security camera and time lapse photography.  Due to this camera having no IR-cut filter, it can see short wavelength infrared (IR) light, approximately 800nm in length, can be observed. This particular range of IR wavelengths is not produced by heat, but rather lies just beyond the visible red light in the spectrum. This means the camera is not suitable for daylight usage.

If your application will suit a different lens, you can change it for a different CS-Mount lens or C-Mount lens.

The camera contains identical specifications to the standard camera module; however, it features a black circuit board, enabling it to be easily distinguished from the standard green camera board.

This camera has no integrated IR filter (NoIR). If you require this camera with an IR filter, please see B0032.

Package Contents

  • 1 × 5MP NoIR Camera Board with CS-Mount Lens (LS-2718CS)
  • 1 × 15cm 15pin FPC cable

Example Applications

  • Nighttime and low light vision
  • Wildlife Research/Photography
  • Nighttime security