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The Imaging Source

TLH xx-8.12s - Camera M12 Lens Holder

SKU: TLH 4-8.12s

Tube Length

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  • Choose from 7 tube lengths
  • Equipped with fixing screw to ensure lens stability
  • Capable for use with focal lengths up to 25mm (depending on variant)
  • Sturdy holder for board-level cameras

This M12 Lens Holder, also known as S-Mount Lens Holder, is for The Imaging Source Board-level cameras, which come without a lens and lens holder. This is because Board Cameras are unhoused cameras, which is ideal when you lack space to utilise in your project.

If you are interested in purchasing the lens holder, you will require an M12 lens to install into your camera and holder. See our extensive range of M12 lenses that you can choose from. You must contact us with what lens you are deciding on so we can confirm compatibility, as it's dependent on the tube length.

Compatible board-level cameras

The following product SKUs are the only board cameras compatible with the TLH xx-8.12s.

DxM 24UP031-ML Available
DxM 24UJ003-ML Available Available