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The OAK-D CM4 PoE functions as a sophisticated host computer thanks to the powerful combination of OAK-D and the Raspberry Pi CM4 module. Its purpose is to assist developers with a robust platform for creating cutting-edge computer vision applications.

The PoE connection enables the cameras to communicate with other computers using networking protocols such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT etc. With the device flash memory on our PoE models, you can also run your programs in standalone mode. Furthermore, our OAK PoE cameras are housed in a rugged, IP-rated enclosure that is required for industrial and outdoor use.

This camera is the ultimate solution for robotic vision, offering a human-like perception of the world through the combination of a stereo depth camera and a high-resolution colour camera. Its on-device neural network inferencing and computer vision capabilities further enhance its functionality and performance. An integrated Raspberry Pi CM4 acts as the host computer.

Key Features

  • 4 TOPS of processing power (1.4 TOPS for AI - RVC2 NN Performance)
  • Pre-flashed with Raspberry Pi OS and DepthAI Python interface
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure
  • CM4: Raspberry Pi acts as a host computer, which you can access via SSH/VNC. CM4 connects to the OAK-SOM, see OAK & RPi documentation for additional information.
  • Run any AI model, even custom architectured/built ones (models need to be converted)
  • Encoding: H.264, H.265, MJPEG - 4K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS
  • Computer vision: warp (undistortion), resize, crop via ImageManip node, edge detection, feature tracking. You can also run custom CV functions
  • Stereo depth perception with filtering, post-processing, RGB-depth alignment, and high configurability
  • Object tracking: 2D and 3D tracking with ObjectTracker node
  • Dimension: 130x64x30mm
  • Weight: 318g
Camera Specs Colour Camera Stereo Pair
IMX378 (PY004 AF, PY052 FF) OV9282 (PY003)
Shutter Rolling Global
81° / 69° / 55° 89° / 80° / 55°
Resolution 12MP (4056x3040) 1MP (1280x800)
AF: 8cm - ∞, FF: 50cm - ∞ FF: 19.6cm - ∞
Max Framerate
60 FPS 120 FPS
F-Number 1.8 ±5% 2.0 ±5%
Sensor Size
1/2.3" 1/4"
Distortion < 1% AF, < 1.5% FF < 1%
Pixel Size 1.55µm x 1.55µm 3.0µm x 3.0µm