Multi-Camera Adapter Board For Raspberry Pi

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The multi-camera adapter for Raspberry Pi is designed to facilitate the connection of multiple MIPI cameras to a single CSI camera port on the Raspberry Pi board. This innovative feature provides a more efficient and simplified approach to multi-camera applications on the Raspberry Pi platform.

Key Features

  • Multi-Camera Capability: Capable of running 4 cameras sequentially with the Raspberry Pi.
  • Versatile Compatibility: it is compatible with various Raspberry Pi models, including Model A, B, and B+, Pi 2, as well as Raspberry Pi 3, 3b+, and 4.
  • Supported Cameras: 12MP IMX708 (Pi Camera V3) / 5MP OV5647 / 8MP IMX219 / 12MP IMX477 camera for Raspberry Pi (Arducam's HQ range). Please note that it is not possible to mix cameras.