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Arducam 108MP USB3.0 Camera Evaluation Kit with Motorised Focus

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Camera Specs
Sensor TBC
Sensor Size
108MP 12000 × 9000
Video RAW10, 4000×3000@11fps
RAW10, 12000×9000@1.3fps
RAW8, 4000×3000@14fps
RAW8, 12000×9000@1.7fps
Field of View (FOV)
Focus Type Motorised Focus
F.NO F1.89
Focus Distance 8cm ~ ∞ (Infinity)
Focal Length 5.89mm
Lens Type
Stock Lens
Shutter Type
Colour Filter
Dimension 38mm × 38mm


  • Quick Evaluation: Plug-and-Play, enabled by the camera and adapter bundle
  • Ultra-high Resolution: Capable of reaching up to 108MP (12000×9000 pixels)
  • USB3.0 Interface: highly compatible for any hardware device of your choice
  • Developer-friendly SDK: Use the SDK & API for easy integration

Arducam's USB 3.0 camera adapter and 108MP camera module enable rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept builds, using any hardware setup. It's perfect for quickly testing ideas and producing robust results, with no need for specialised equipment.

The evaluation kit (developer kit) is equipped with an SDK for swift integration into any machine vision use case.


Quick Start Guide - Arducam 108MP USB3 Evaluation Kit
Introduction and Datasheet for EK030
Drivers for Arducam USB shield (WINDOWS DRIVER,neccesary for using this product as it's not UVC-compliant)
Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI)
SDK and API – C/C++
SDK and API – Python

Package Includes

  • 1 x Arducam 108MP Camera Module
  • 1 x Arducam USB 3.0 Camera Shield Plus
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Camera Cable


Does it support other image formats?
Yes, with post-processing from the software side.

Can I use it with the Raspberry Pi & Jetson Nano?
Yes, however we highly recommended using the specialised camera series for Raspberry pi & Jetson Nano.

Can I use custom resolutions & frame rates?

Does it support H.264/H.265 encoding?
It depends on the hardware you are using the camera kit with.