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3D ToF Development Kit flexx2 VGA [DISCONTINUED]

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The flexx2 VGA 3d camera with 300k pixels

Key Features

  • 3D Camera Development Kit
  • Based on pmd Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology
  • IRS2976C ToF Sensor
  • 640x480 pixels
  • 64 x 50 degree field of view
  • Range: 0.1-8.5 m
  • 18.4M 3D points per second
  • Up to 60 fps
  • USB 3.0 powered
  • Laser Class 1
  • Including a powerful software suite


Introducing the flexx2 VGA Depth Sensing Kit, an innovative peripheral that will elevate your development projects to new heights. What distinguishes this device is its advanced 3D ToF sensor, equipped with a remarkable 300k 3D pixels VGA resolution.

The flexibility and reliability of pmd's flexx2 using the Infineon's IRS2877C REAL3™ Time-of-Flight Image Sensor have paved the way for numerous industry-changing projects utilising its high-quality depth data.

The flexx2 VGA is accompanied by a dedicated software development kit (SDK) called "Royale" which offers a range of captivating examples and tutorials to facilitate a seamless initiation. Royale notably supports widely used programming extensions such as OpenCV, Python, ROS, and ROS 2.

Royale delivers the following data:

  • 3D point cloud: X, Y, and Z values for every pixel result in a point cloud of the observed scene
  • Grey value: In addition to the Z value, each pixel also includes a grey value that signifies the signal strength (amplitude) of the active illumination. Consequently, this results in an infrared (IR) grey value image. This particular image is suitable for standard 2D image processing and is precisely aligned with the depth image. Furthermore, it remains unaffected by background light, making it a reliable 2D image under any lighting conditions. Moreover, this data directly correlates with the quality of the depth data, thereby indicating the performance of the depth data
  • Confidence value: This value indicates the validity of the measured 3D pixel, taking into account factors such as saturation, underexposure, or other potential causes that may render the 3D data unreliable.

Usage examples

  • Automotive - exterior safety or internal with gesture control
  • Industrial - can be integrated into production monitoring systems
  • Autonomous vehicles, robots and drones - for collision avoidance
  • Space - see a use case for free-flying robotics on the ISS

Data Outputs

  • 3D point cloud
  • Infrared 2D images
  • Confidence value - a quality indicator based on exposure/saturation level
  • USB3 interface

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