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3D ToF Development Kit flexx2

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This product is a 60fps ToF depth sensing camera that can create measurements from 10cm to as far as 4 metres, in a package measuring just 72.1mm x 19.2mm x 10.2mm.

It uses a Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (class 1) that transmits in the 940nm wavelength which reduces the effects of sunlight in an outdoor environment.

This, therefore, is an ideal 3D sensor for all kinds of applications where distance measurement is important.

Usage examples

  • Automotive - exterior safety, or internal with gesture control
  • Industrial - can be integrated into production monitoring systems
  • Autonomous vehicles, robots and drones - for collision avoidance
  • Space - see a use case for free-flying robotics on the ISS

Data Outputs

  • 3D point cloud
  • Infrared 2d images
  • Confidence value - a quality indicator based on exposure/saturation level
  • USB3 interface


The pmd flexx2 is a 3D camera development kit that includes a software suite called Royale that is used to access the camera functions. A visualisation tool is also included in the SDK. Royale is available for Windows 10, Linux/ARM and can be integrated into several programming environments, such as ROS, OpenCV and Matlab. The development environment is C++.

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