Unleashing the Power of HIKROBOT AI Code Readers for Advanced Automation


HIKROBOT, a global product and solution supplier, specialises in machine vision technology, including advanced automation applications. Their smart code readers, such as the ID2000, ID3000, ID5000, ID6000, and ID7000 series, cater to various industries, offering high-performance and efficient solutions. In this article, we will explore the capabilities and features of these smart code readers and how they can contribute to advanced automation systems.

ID2000 Series: Compact Industrial Barcode Readers

The ID2000 series of smart code readers by HIKROBOT are designed for automated machine equipment and assembly line proximity barcode reading applications. These compact industrial barcode readers support multiple 1D and 2D codes, as well as DPM codes, allowing for versatile use across various industries. The ID2000 series boasts a high decoding frame rate and code reading speed, ensuring efficient and accurate barcode reading.

One of the key features of the ID2000 series is its compact size and multiple installation methods, making it easy to integrate into miniaturised or existing automated machine equipment. Additionally, the series incorporates a patented lighting design that ensures reliable reading performance and high-quality image lighting. The ID2000 series offers a range of models with different resolutions, focal lengths, and reading speeds to cater to specific application requirements.

Apart from its advanced features, the ID2000 series has received CE and RoHS certifications, ensuring compliance with industry standards and showcasing HIKROBOT's commitment to quality and safety.

ID3000 Series: Advanced Automation and Code Reading Solutions

The ID3000 series of smart code readers from HIKROBOTICS is designed for advanced automation and code reading scenarios. Equipped with a deep-learning system chip (SoC), the ID3000 series provides powerful computing capabilities and energy efficiency, making it an ideal solution for complex automation tasks.

These advanced code readers offer high-speed recognition efficiency and stable recognition for label paper and DPM barcodes. The ID3000 series also features a modular design, allowing for optimal image lighting and adaptability to different working distances and fields of view. This is achieved through a wide selection of light sources, lenses, and other modules, ensuring that the system is tailor-made for specific applications.

A variety of models within the ID3000 series cater to different requirements, with options for varying resolutions, focal lengths, max reading speeds, and frame rates. This flexibility makes the ID3000 series suitable for a diverse range of industries and applications, demonstrating the power and versatility of HIKROBOTICS' advanced automation solutions.

ID5000 Series: Multi-Core Deep Learning Processor for Code Reading

The ID5000 Series Smart Code Reader by HIKROBOT is an advanced code reading solution equipped with a powerful multi-core deep learning processor. This processor allows for parallel processing of data streams, resulting in improved efficiency and significantly enhancing the collective auditing learning technology by up to three times.

With high accuracy and a wide field of view, the ID5000 series provides a reliable and versatile code reading solution for various industries. One of its key advantages is its ability to replace multiple code readers, simplifying complex systems and making them easier to manage. This powerful code reader is available in various models, catering to different requirements, such as differing resolutions, focal lengths, max reading speeds, and max frame rates.

In summary, the ID5000 Series Smart Code Reader showcases HIKROBOT's commitment to developing cutting-edge machine vision technology, providing advanced automation solutions that cater to a diverse range of applications and industries.

ID6000 Series: Logistics Industry Specialisation

Designed specifically for the logistics industry, the ID6000 series of smart code readers offer a tailored solution to meet the unique challenges faced by this sector. Equipped with a high-performance multi-core deep learning processor and optimized decoding algorithm, the ID6000 series ensures efficient and accurate code reading even in complex environments.

One of the standout features of the ID6000 series is its ability to identify complex codes, such as stained, defective, and poorly printed codes, which are common in logistics settings. Furthermore, the ID6000 series has an extra-wide field of view and is compatible with various external integrated light sources, enabling a super-large depth of field effect of over 700mm.

The ID6000 series offers a range of models to suit different needs, with options for varying resolutions, max reading speeds, and max frame rates. This specialization ensures that HIKROBOT's ID6000 series provides a tailored solution for the logistics industry, contributing to more efficient and streamlined operations.

ID7000 Series: Ultra-Wide Coverage for Logistics Industry

Developed specifically for the logistics industry, the ID7000 series of smart code readers offers ultra-wide coverage and high-speed reading capabilities. With an integrated design that includes 48 LED light sources and 4 cooling fans, the ID7000 series provides efficient and reliable performance for logistics applications.

The ID7000 series features a built-in linear sensor with a horizontal resolution of 8K, enabling the capture of high-quality images even in challenging environments. The smart code reader can be installed at the bottom of a logistics conveyor belt with a dedicated reflector, covering the conveyor belt's field of view with a maximum width of 1.2m. This wide coverage, combined with high-speed reading and high frame rate capabilities, makes the ID7000 series a powerful solution for the logistics industry.

The ID7000 series includes a range of models with different resolutions and focal lengths to cater to specific application requirements. Additionally, the series has received CE, RoHS, and KC certifications, reflecting HIKROBOT's commitment to quality and safety standards.

Integration and Support

HIKROBOT's commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond providing advanced automation solutions; they also offer exceptional technical support and maintenance for their smart code readers. Clients can easily get in touch with HIKROBOT's dedicated support team through various contact options, such as phone and email, for inquiries and assistance.

In addition to direct support, HIKROBOT provides a comprehensive Download Center and V-club on their website, where users can access a wealth of resources, including software, documents, and videos related to their products. This wealth of information ensures that customers have the necessary tools and knowledge to integrate and maintain their HIKROBOT smart code readers, maximizing the potential of these advanced automation solutions.


In summary, HIKROBOT's AI code readers, including the ID2000, ID3000, ID5000, ID6000, and ID7000 series, demonstrate the power and versatility of their advanced automation solutions. These smart code readers cater to various industries and applications, offering high-performance and efficient code reading capabilities. With a commitment to technical support and continuous innovation, HIKROBOT ensures that their advanced automation solutions remain cutting-edge and invaluable to their clients.

We encourage you to explore the available smart code reader options provided by HIKROBOT to discover the ideal solution for your specific industry and application needs. Visit the HIKROBOT Collection to learn more about their advanced automation solutions and the benefits they can bring to your operations.

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