The AI Camera is a Thing

The AI Camera is a Thing

Luxonis, is a company that develops a spatial AI and CV platform that focuses on embedded machine learning and computer vision technology. Luxonis are responsible for a range of innovative 3D cameras based on a combination of stereo vision, colour sensors, and onboard neural network processing, have recently released a camera platform for those applications that don't need depth sensing.

Instead, the OAK-1 is a plain, old fashioned single sensor colour camera that just happens to also support the Luxonis' Robotics Vision Core 2 (RVC2) in one simple package. 

RVC2 offers a number of interesting features, including:

  • 4 TOPS of processing power*
  • Runs any AI model
  • Encoding for H.264, H265, MJPEG at up to 4K @ 30FPS
  • Classic computer vision functions, including edge detection, feature tracking and custom CV functions
  • Object tracking

*TOPS: Trillions of Operations Per Second

The camera hardware itself contains a 12mp sensor with a fixed or autofocus option and is available with either USB-C or PoE interfaces.

It's very small and light at only 36x54.5x27.8mm and just 53.1 grams (USB-C version).

We stock the range of Luxonis AI cameras in our webshop for rapid, next day delivery.

OAK Gender Recognition Demo

Age Gender Recognition

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