OnSemi Sensor Obsolescence

OnSemi Sensor Obsolescence

In 2022, OnSemi announced the discontinuation of the CMOS sensor models MT9V024 (0.3MP) and MT9P031 (5MP).

These have been very popular low cost CMOS sensors used in many industrial camera models over the years. The cameras in our portfolio that use these sensors have been produced by The Imaging Source (TIS) and so there is a last call for existing stock up until the 15th January 2023. 

Camera models affected are:

  • DMK 22AUC03
  • DMK 22BUC03
  • DFK 22AUC03
  • DFK 22BUC03
  • DBK 22AUC03
  • DBK 22BUC03
  • DMM 22BUC03-ML
  • DFM 22BUC03-ML
  • DMM 22BUC03-MLA
  • DFM 22BUC03-MLA
  • DMM 22BUC03-MLPB
  • DFM 22BUC03-MLPB
  • DMK 22AUC03-F
  • DFK 22AUC03-F
  • DMK 23UV024
  • DFK 23UV024
  • DBK 23UV024
  • DMK 23GV024
  • DFK 23GV024
  • DBK 23GV024
  • DMK 33GV024
  • DFK 33GV024
  • DBK 33GV024
  • DMK 72AUC02
  • DMK 72BUC02
  • DMM 72BUC02-ML
  • DMM 72BUC02-MLA
  • DMM 72BUC02-MLPB
  • DMK 72AUC02-F
  • DMK 23UP031
  • DMK 27AUP031
  • DMK 27BUP031
  • DMM 27UP031-ML
  • DMK AFUP031-M12
  • DFK AFUP031-M12
  • DMK 23GP031
  • DMK 33GP031
  • DMM 25GP031-ML
  • DMK Z12GP031
  • DMK Z30GP031
  • DFK Z30GP031
For any ongoing requirements, alternative models can be recommended:
 Obsolete Sensor Alternatives
MT9V024 IMX287, AR0234
MT9P031 AR0521,  IMX548

If you would like some help with finding an alternative camera, please contact us.

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