Are Digital Cameras a Dying Breed?

Are Digital Cameras a Dying Breed?

A post on the Statista website caught my eye recently. The heading was 'Digital Cameras: A Dying Breed?'

If this is the case, then surely a major concern for us in the imaging industry.

Infographic: Digital Cameras: A Dying Breed? | Statista 

More at Statista 

Infographic: Smartphones Wipe Out Decades of Camera Industry Growth | Statista 

More at Statista

So are we seeing the end of the digital camera? The SLR, the choice of the professional photographer, perhaps. But the growth in image sensors is strong, as are the sales of industrial cameras.

In fact the evolution of the smartphone camera has been responsible for some of the growth in the industrial camera sector. The faster and higher resolution sensors that appear on the latest handsets are also being used in innovative camera modules for use with drones and other autonomous platforms. Often hooked up to a Raspberry Pi, like this monster of a 108 megapixel example!

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