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SC3000X Series Smart Camera

SKU: SC3000X

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Key Features

  • 1.3MP, 3MP and 5MP resolution choices
  • Five focal length options: 04, 08, 12, 16 and 25mm
  • Monochrome and Colour options available
  • Polarised, Diffused and Full-transparent illumination
  • Double Button Design: Integrated Trigger button and Autofocus button
  • Three accessory covers to choose from: YAG or Uniformity and ESD Cover
  • Rotating cable tail design supporting 180° rotation
  • Aviation Plug: Power IO cable, split network cable
  • Only 57×43×42mm


The SC3000 incorporates over 30 detection algorithms, including presence/absence detection, positive/negative detection, position detection, size detection, DL character recognition/decoding, and more. These algorithms cater to a wide range of application scenarios, particularly quality inspection in general equipment manufacturing. With its enhanced functionality and improved cost performance, the SC3000 is extensively utilised in single-station error prevention detection across industries like 3C electronics, food and drugs, manufacturing, new energy, and semiconductors. It offers a valuable and comprehensive visual detection solution.

It comes equipped with two buttons, an integrated trigger and an autofocus button. The autofocus button is essentially a one-key adjustment, enabling you to reduce the time spent configuring the equipment. Furthermore, it's installed with multiple illumination options, including polarised, diffused and full-transparent.


YAG Cover

  • Anti laser damage
  • Can filter light below 400nm and above 680nm
  • It cannot be used with infrared fill lights

A visible bandpass filter also protects against the YAG lasers, as these can damage the sensor. A YAG laser is outside the visible spectrum.

Uniformity Cover

  • Eliminates reflections

Eliminating strong reflection on the product surface by providing supplementary light from multiple angles. Removes bright spots caused by excessive brightness of the light source itself.

  • Ensures uniformity

It guarantees uniform overall brightness of the image as well as maintaining the image's greyscale stability.

  • Highlights the engraving depth

It highlights the product feature information with deep engraving depth. It also simplifies image complexity and improves read rate.

ESD Cover

  • Anti-Static Damage

This cover prevents static electricity from damaging the camera sensor and reduces the overall damage to the components.